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What We Offer

A Variety of Products

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Thank you for buying our meat. We are confident that you will be happy with it
Grass fed & finished meat is different for several reasons:

  1. There is nothing artificial at all, including chemical tenderizers that some meat has.

  2. Our meat might have not a lot of marbling, but it will have A LOT of FLAVOR.

  3. Grass fed and finished has a higher nutritional value.

  4. Grass fed and finished means just that, it is finished on grass. Beware of labels that say “grass fed” but they are finished out on corn and/or in feedlots.

  5. Grass fed and finished meat may not be as tender as commercial, but there are ways to overcome that without the chemicals that may be used.


Our cattle are born and raised here, high in the beautiful mountains. They are vaccinated at about 2-3 months old when we brand and then they are raised by their Mama until they are weaned at about 9months. The cattle graze here in the summer and eat the hay that we raise and bale in the winter. When they are ready for you, we gather them up the day before harvest and then take them to the butcher, it is a very low stress process.

Lamb & Goat

 Lamb: There is nothing cuter than baby lambs playing chase and jumping on the hills in the spring, we love those babies. Our lamb is unBAAAlievable because they are 100% grass fed (with our hay in the winter) until they are ready for harvest, and by then they are not cute any longer and there are new cuties on the way.​

Goat: Pretty much the same as lambs, however, they generally are not friends with each other. However, they both love a little bite of grain at night so we can gather them in and lock them up, so the predators don’t eat the meat that you should eat.

Natural Pork

Our pigs have the happy life, a big,big pen that have lots of willows and natural mud in which they root around and play as they wish. We bring them to the ranch in the Spring as piglets and they don’t have any additional shots from then on. They were vaccinated as babies, but we don’t give hormones, antibiotics or anything unnatural. We feed the most natural feed that we procure, as these are the pigs we eat too. You are welcome to peruse the feed tag and ingredients. ½ , and whole pigs are generally only available in the late summer and fall, put your order in early as those sell out quickly and we must have commitments to get the piglets.

T-Bone Steak
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Local Honey &
Maple Syrup

We sell Maple syrup from a small family operation in Pennsylvania.

Our friend here in Granby is from PA, and her Dad brings us maple syrup, hard and soft maple candies plus maple sugar each year when he comes to see his daughter and grandkids. If you have never had a maple candy, you are missing out, they are a delight. Maple sugar is a lovely substitute in baking, but also a non-soaking alternative for your pancakes. OOO Yummy. Pancakes to go without the mess.


Tabernash Honey Bees love to buzz around our hay meadows in the summer. We put out extra clover seed each year in the meadows close to their hives for them. The pure unaltered honey is a thick treat of all hues of color. What an bonus to have around.

Free Range Eggs

Chickens are our newest venture, and boy have we been entertained. It is exciting to gather those eggs every day and listen to the different personalities of those girls, especially right after she laid her egg. They roam, but since they are easy targets for predators and dogs, we do lock them up in a pen if we are not here and in their house at night. The house is quite nice, make sure you check out the pictures of Tony moving it in. We only sell eggs

HandMade Goods

Our handmade goods range from a variety of art and craft pieces including handmade jewelry. Be sure to check with us to see what we have available.

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Image by Nick Fewings
Pile of Sweaters

Pick Up & Delivery

You are welcome and invited to come to the ranch to see where your animal lives and what they eat and do during the day. We are proud of the food we produce for us and for you. Questions are happily entertained and the kids are great at answering them. 

Please Call 970-531-5465 for

Tours by appointment

Pick Up: If you are coming to pick up meat, please call 

(Typically we are here on the ranch, but not at the house)


Self serve egg crate on the porch

(when the weather will not freeze the eggs)


Winter/Basketball Season: Delivery to Granby Monday-Friday

Summer Season: Wednesday Evenings to Flying Heels Arena


Cut & Wrapped Meat Pricing
Sold by the pound. Packages are frozen and vary in size. Choose the cuts and amount.

BEEF per Pound

 Ground beef  9.00

 Roast  11.00

 Tenderloin, filet, N.Y Steaks  17.00

 Ribeye, T-Bone  14.00

 Round, TriTip, Flank Steak  10.00

 Whole Tenderloin  12.00

 Brisket  10.00

 Stew meat  8.00

 Soup bones, Marrow, Liver, Heart, Tongue other variety meats  6.00

Lamb per Pound

 Ground Lamb  12.00

 Chops  16.00

 Whole rack  12.00

 Stew  10.00

 Leg of Lamb  10.00

 Shank  8.00

Chevon (goat) per Pound

 Ground Chevon  10.00

 Chops  12.00

 Whole Rack  8.00

 Stew  10.00

 Leg/Roast  8.00                                                                                                                            

 Shank  8.00

Pork per Pound

 Sausage  8.00

 Chops  8.00

 Whole loin  10.00

 Tenderloin  12.00

 Bacon  16.00

All Species We also offer offal or variety meats. 

Offal includes; heart ,liver, kidneys, tongue, cheek and we have bones and marrow bones as well. Just ask what we have available, $6.00/lb

We are proud to tell you that our meat is some of the best tasting and best for you. We know it costs more than the run of the mill grocery store, mass produced, hormone and ????? other stuff from who knows where! However, we are confident that you will enjoy it. Statistics show that grass fed and finished meat is more nutrient rich, and we hope you will partake in what we have enjoyed for years.

Please keep in mind that we are not a commercial operation, but a small family operation. We may not have all cuts available at all times. *Please note that prime cuts sell first and quickly!


A little about buying a ¼, ½ or whole animal

We are here to walk you through, as is the processor. We keep cut sheets on hand so you can look at them ahead of time. There are so many ways of cutting a carcass, and it is totally up to you. However, you don’t have to go it alone! There is a multituide of information out there should you want to research yourself, but we are happy to help (and we learn something new all the time as well)!


Due to the nature of how our animals are raised, we don’t always have an exact weight for you. Animals can grow differently each year. We don’t weigh the beef, but we have a small scale for the other species. Our process is done most often the old fashioned way “eye balling it” to see if they are ready. With that said, our very rough guideline is as follows:

Beef live weight 1000 lbs (eyeball) carcass weight 600-700lbs

Lamb:live weight 180 lbs (eyeball) carcass weight 80-100lbs

Goat: live weight 80-100lbs (eyeball)carcass 50-60lbs

Pig: live weight 235-300lbs(eyeball) carcass 150-215

To be clear, there is a very wide range of weights. When we get the carcass (hanging) weight from the butcher we assign it the closest we can to what you wanted. We try to get the biggest bang for your buck at the butcher. They all charge a flat fee for basic services, so if you get more meat that cost is spread out over more meat in your freezer bringing that cost down. For example: to butcher a 100 lb lamb costs the same as a 180lb lamb, but you get nearly half the finished, wrapped meat for your freezer.

Our experience guides us in those eyeball figures and conversions. All animals yield differently as well as how you get it cut and how much offal you keep. Those all figure into the price per pound overall.

Questions: Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you, we want you to  eat our meat, “The way GOD intended.”

tips for cooking

1. Take your beef out of the refrigerator after it is thawed, and bring to room temperature before you cook it. While it is sitting, salt it for an hour, let the salt naturally tenderize the meat.

2. After you cook/grill it JUST LIKE YOU LIKE IT, let it rest just a couple of minutes to keep the juices in before cutting!

3. Always serve lamb HOT, it tastes best that way.

4. Our hands down favorite lamb meal is so fast to get on the table, it is a “GO TO” many nights: brown ground lamb with garlic and onions, then add some Greek seasoning. While the meat is browning, shred red cabbage, chop red peppers, cucumbers, olives, crumble some Feta cheese and serve on a warm tortilla. It is kind of a quick knock-off of a Greek Gyro. We call them Greek tacos and you can add/substitute as you please. Warning: this family favorite uses 3# of ground with no leftovers.

5. Goat (Chevon) is very mild and can be cooked like any other meat. We like it curried or smoked and most of our customers buy it to curry as well.

6. Our pork does not smell or taste like bleach or any other harsh cleaners. It is not chemically tenderized. We let the pork stand alone. We do love pork green chili, homemade brined and smoked ham, chops on the grill and who doesn’t love bacon?

7. Eggs are just better when the chickens have been out and about pecking and roaming.

8.Enjoy your meat, we’re happy to help you eat healthier, and we always love to hear from you!

happy cooking & Happier eating!

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