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frequently asked questions

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  • Can we buy a cut of meat or do we have to buy the whole animal?
    Yes you can buy the cut of meat you want, often we have travelers, hunters or weekenders just want something for dinner that night. We also have locals that just have a small freezer or just want a variety of meats. However, if you have freezer space, the more economical path is to purchase more of the animal. We sell beef in ¼, ½ or whole, lamb, goat and pig are sold 1/2 or whole. Those are all sold by the carcass or hanging weight.
  • What is Carcass weight and how much meat will I get?
    The carcass weight is the weight with head, hide and innards taken out. Your finished meat is less than that amount due to cutting, bone etc, but it is close. Each species is different and it also depends on your cutting instructions and what all you want to have. For example: you may want to have the liver, heart and bones and other cuts, which will yield you more for your freezer, however grinding more in to sausage and ground (burger) makes for more compact storage. This is a question that we would be happy to talk about more with you and your unique situation.
  • Can I get the cuts I want?
    Yes, you can give the butcher the exact cutting instructions that you want for each animal. For instance you may roasts that are 4# and your ground beef in 1 and 1/2# packages and your steaks 2” thick 4 to a package. Those are your instructions and we can guide you.
  • Do I have to take the animal to slaughter?
    No. We take it and bring the meat back to you. However, we do have a few customers that like to take their animal live and process it themselves.
  • When do I need to order?
    Grassfed and finished means just that, on grass until it is finished, so that typically is the summer months. In short, a rough schedule is: We have butcher dates for beef in June, and the 3 fall months, Lamb is generally June, Goat is generally August, September, Pigs are August, September and October. Each year is different on how they grow, but that is the guideline, we try for the optimum size for your animal. Committing as early as you can is best because we don’t have unlimited supply and butcher dates are set 18 months in advance.
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