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Lazy k Livestock

A High Standard in Ranching Since 1883

Our motto
“Meat to Eat the Way God Intended”

This is our code, which has been branded into our way of life 

  1. We give Glory to God for all the blessings we have in life, including the animals, the lifestyle and work that it takes to grow them. GOD provides for us the animals, feed, water, sunshine and the knowledge and perseverance to care for them.

  2. Secondly, in Genesis, GOD created all the animals and we raise them in the way they were intended to be raised. We love and care for our animals, let them graze the pasture GOD provides, don’t give them hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides, or GMO’s. Finally, when they have reached the age to provide nourishment for people, they are gathered from the pasture with the least amount of stress, then taken for harvest.

our ranch

Raising Livestock Responsibly Since 1883

Today Lazy K Slash is operated by the Krempin Family: Tony, Tish and the kids Foster, Flint and Sego.

Each family member contributes their own set of talents.

Tony analyzes, researches and is the driving force to keep equipment running.

Tish was raised here, knows the land and the livestock, likes to feed the animals, irrigate the meadows, check for new baby lambs and calves, put up hay, be horseback and nearly anything outside.  

Foster likes anything to do with a rope, checking and marking calves, anything horseback, doesn't love baling hay and the mechanics, but is good at it.

Sego loves to create and is a great salesperson. She likely will be the one to sell you something. Sego absolutely loves anything horseback, but  is very good at lambing and caring for newborns. Sego and her twin brother Flint have done their fair share of rubbing cold calves and lambs back to life.

Flint is getting quite handy with a rope too, he likes to help irrigate and move that water around. Flint likes the tractors, loves all the animals and just likes to hang out with them.

Some of our favorite things: Outside of ranching and raising livestock all the kids have 4-H projects, they all play Basketball in the winter and they all like to ski and snowmobile. Above all, our all time favorite thing to do, is rodeo! In addition to helping produce the Flying Heels Rodeo in Granby, the family competes in other open rodeos. The kids compete in NLBRA, NJHRA and NHSRA rodeos. Flint and Tony have a hankering for fishing. Sego and Tish also love to create cakes, quilts, clothing, jewelry, lotions and decorate. Foster loves to meet people, make friends and get everyone to dance.

We have gladly donated our meat for the PRC auction, The Flying Heels Rodeo Fire Relief Auction,  Fraser Valley Lions Club Silent Auction, Mountain Family Center and the Grand Foundation Gala. We continue to share the blessings.


our story

A Local Family Ranch

It was the year of 1883 in the late summer month of August amongst the beautiful yet formidable high Rocky Mountain terrain. Along a creek a few miles South of what we now know as the town of Granby (est. in 1906), a young and inclined Emil with his tenacious wife Sophie, claimed their dream homestead.


With gumption, a mere handful of cattle and the summer season running short, a daunting task lay in front of them. Hay had to be harvested and stocked to feed their cattle throughout the long winter season. Their home needed to be built quickly, efficiently and by hand. The young Sophie was soon with child, and the prospect of raising their family in this rugged and vast country left no room for idleness. To survive on this ranch, the couple would make the long trek to Georgetown twice a year to gather supplies and sell their cattle.  

family tree

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